Surprise Random Thing




We will ship this to you in MAY when we get off tour! :) *********************************

Like randomness? Good.

Kimberly will find something neat to send to you from our house if we're home - or from the tour van if we're on the road.

There's no telling what it might be... A bike? A frozen fillet of cod? A tee shirt from Junior's closet? A bumble bee? A fork? A little girl? Fingernail clippings? Merch? A baby goat? A spark plug?? Socks?

Whatever it is will be signed to you by Kimberly and hugged a whole bunch. Leave a note in the order comments box if you'd like it to be personalized.


Please allow 4-10 weeks for shipping, less or more depending on our current tour schedule, etc.. I package every order myself and put lots of love into every box. Thanks for your patience and support!

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